Monday, March 20, 2017

Sunday 3/19/17: The City of Culture

Today's our first full day in Chicago! We started our day around 9:30am when we headed up to Wrigley field to see the Chicago Cub's stadium. It took at least half an hour for us to find parking spots near the stadium. Everyone was super excited to be able to see the this year's World Series champion's home stadium. 

Since the stadium was surrounded by apartment buildings, there were stadium seats on the roof. Interestingly, the roof top seat started out with private owners, but the Wrigley fields purposely built a scoreboard in their way to block their view. However, now they have a partnership with those roof top seatings. 
We then decided to visit the Bean near the millennium park. Almost no one has been to Chicago, so we were all excited to take photos under it. 
Then, we decided to split up into two groups: get food and go to navy pier or visit the cultural center. The architecture and design inside the Cultural Center was phenomenal, and we were especially impressed by an exhibit dedicated to the wall of respect. The Wall of Respect was a mural on a building on W 43rd street completed by 5-6 artists in 1967 who drew African American leaders, such as Muhammad Ali. Sadly, the building with the mural was destroyed by fire in 1971. I wish to travel back in time to see the wall with my own eyes and to experience the black liberation movement during that time period. 
Because we only had two hours on our parking meter, we quickly went upstairs to browse around the rest of the cultural center. We found that there will be an African dance and drum event at 3pm, but unfortunately, we couldn't stay and watch. Then, we drove to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

We left somewhere around 4pm and headed back to the Maria Kaupas Center. Anna, James, and Ugochi went to the supermarket to buy our groceries for the week. Kathleen and Cleo cooked rice and beans and prepared for taco night! Obviously during our amazing, tasty dinner, Kathleen posed some "what if questions" that sparked so much debate. 

Anyways, can't wait for service tomorrow!

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