Thursday, March 23, 2017

Whacky (Not Really) Wednesday

Hi, it's Jackie (aka my bae) and Cleo (aka my queen), Today was our last day at I Am Able :( and it was tough to leave the organization. Cleo and I finished (not really) the last of our shredding. We were told we shredded four years worth of paperwork over the past three days. Ed (the real bae and king) told us the story of how he arrived at I Am Able. Overall, it took an hour to hear the story, but it was worth it. To summarize, he was living a life in the streets and did a lot of bad things he regrets, before coming to Able and staying there for the past 20 years. At the end of the day, Dr. Vessel and the rest of the staff gave us all little certificates for serving with the organization the past three days. We were all very touched by the gratitude of the staff and their kindness towards us. For dinner, we were fortunate enough to go out to dinner with a UMD alum named Geof Brown. He took us all to Gino's East of North Riverdale. There was good conversation and good food to be had. Not only was there the classic Chicago deep dish, but there was also traditionally made pizza. We talked about our travel experience in Europe and also the finance companies in Chicago. We also talked with his husband and he's working in a supply chain company. It was a wonderful night and way to cap of an evening!

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