Tuesday, March 21, 2017

TR4IM Tuesday

Today we went with the I Am Able staff to their TR4IM committee meeting. There we learned their more about how their programs, grants, services are progressing.

Something that stood out to us was a presentation given by staff member Joe White. The presentation was based on the fundamentals of trauma, using the film adaptation of Ray Charles's childhood as the anecdote. In the film, a young Charles observes as his younger brother George drowns in a freak accident. We discussed the two major forms of trauma: post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma. The former, commonly known, is a psychological phenomenon that occurs after a single major negative personal experience (e.g. car accidents, divorce, sexual assault, etc.). On the contrary, complex trauma refers to chronic occurrences of negative experiences (e.g. prolonged events of abuse, neglect, bullying, racism, and other non-singular trauma). Memories of such events can be easily triggered by one's surroundings, some later in life than others. TR4IM hold the mission of mitigating these aversive effects on not only the individuals, but others involved such as family members.

After the TR4IM meeting, we headed to I Am Able's offices and resumed our work from yesterday. We finished painting of the family room. We also started to work on painting the outside stairs of the building. Furthermore, we began cleaning and painting baseboards around the rooms and hallways located around and in the offices.

A lot of progress was made today!

By the way, we checked a corner spot next door to the I Am Able office. Delicious (and affordable) food!

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